We Build
Not Lists

We are a movement that is driven to put the human back in connection, the aliveness and energy back into online and in person communities, and together steering the hell away from turning people into faceless numbers and ‘lists’.



Build your unique impact as an entrepreneur, business owner, community manager, or team member by putting the human back in connection. Get full details of our online course now.

What People Say

“Not only was Leah’s coaching incredible to build my confidence, but she really articulated identifying my mental obstacles I needed to jump through to get to where I wanted to be in my life & business.”

Marcus Hugh


“Leah & Naz have an incredible talent and passion for helping people realize their potential, and the quality of their work is superb. It’s been an honor to be in the same corner with them & their community.”

Scott Dinsmore


“Instead of holding onto fear and being paralyzed or overwhelmed, Naz and Leah, as well as the rest of the group held my hand, gave me great feedback and advice and cheered me on with every win I made.”

Cathy Broadwell


“Before Leah & Naz I was like, “Can I even do this?” That was just a huge mindset for me. As far as the results goes, from that idea that it’s not gonna work to now all of a sudden I have a full calendar of coaching clients.”

Mike Goncalves


“I was full of fear. I wanted clarity. They helped me discover things about myself I did not even know. I now have a constant sense of self belief. Now having a community around me – I know that anything is possible.”

Catalina Lopera


“Naz & Leah challenged me to be unreasonable to going after what I wanted in life. I received invaluable advice that helped me enjoy my life & business with a greater sense of value & peace than ever before.”

Bryce Eldridge


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