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We Are A Movement

that is driven to put the human back in connection, the aliveness and energy back into online and in person communities, and together steering the hell away from turning people into faceless numbers and ‘lists’. Because although on one hand it seems our world is more connected than ever before, the truth is we’ve never felt more isolated, alone and disconnected than we have today. And we are not prepared to stand by and let this continue. We are ready to create a new synthesis of what it means to be connected with people. 


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Have you ever had that feeling that the way you are building your community, team or following just doesn’t feel right?

Like many purpose-driven entrepreneurs we got incredibly frustrated for more than two years as we worked our tails off to get our business off the ground. We followed the traditional advice, methods and strategies we read about building lists, market products and services, and increase our number of Facebook likes. But it never felt right to us, in fact it felt downright sleazy and demoralizing. And it certainly never worked very well!

And maybe you’re reading this because it hasn’t felt right to you either…

After realizing that sleazy tactics just weren’t for us, we turned the tables and began building our previously named business, RYPL – Rock Your Purpose Live, in a way that felt right to us. We finally decided to turn our back on the traditional business-building methods and let our hearts do the guiding. The result:

  • we stumbled upon our natural ability to create hyper-engaged community
  • we were able to build a viable business with a team of five and less than 1,000 subscribers
  • we ‘weeded out’ the sections of our community who weren’t the right fit, and only invited in the people we wanted there, and…

… then something interesting happened, we started to get asked ‘How did you two do it?! How did you build such engagement with such a tiny subscribers list?

We honestly had no idea! But after receiving more and more questions from desperate entrepreneurs, community managers, and business owners who were using the traditional strategies and getting nowhere, we decided to ‘unpack’ exactly how we were doing it. Because, after all, sometimes the best strategies are the ones you don’t even know you’re using.

And so we created The Connection Effect to teach, coach, share, and mentor others in our unorthodox ‘strategies’, because it became apparent that as a society we have forgotten how to connect with other humans on a level that is sustainable, fulfilling and impactful. And because of that, it’s no surprise that you too may have also been missing the powerful tools, understanding, mindset, and strategies required to facilitate connections that run deep…

Connections so powerful that entire businesses can be built upon them (from tiny startups and passion projects to large purpose-driven corporations), teams can function effectively for the first time, communities can thrive and sustain themselves, steadfast connections with influencers are made, and true fulfilment experienced.

Why Connection Matters

Put simply: human beings flourish with a sense of community and connectedness. When we feel like we belong we function at our best and we thrive. We are much more likely to become the fullest expression of our greatest potential. And when you focus on connection: with peers, mentors, your community, industry or even your family, it also means you can make ripple effects in the world far bigger than if you were plugging away in isolation.


Leah is Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Connection Effect – a movement that is driven to put the human back in connection, and the aliveness and energy back into online and in-person communities.

In 2013 Leah left her successful 10-year career in Public Relations and community engagement, moved into her mother-in-law’s basement with her husband and three-year-old son, and launched The Connection Effect along with Nazrin Murphie.

Leah is passionate about seeing human beings flourish with a sense of community and connectedness. As she says, ‘When we feel like we belong we function at our best and we thrive. We are much more likely to become the fullest expression of our greatest potential.’

A powerful communicator, experienced community engagement consultant, group and teams facilitator, event magician, licensed NLP Meta Coach, speaker and writer, Leah is based in Brisbane, Australia and loves nothing more than hitting the ski slopes with her family closely followed by hitting the dancefloor to good beats!


Nazrin (Naz) is Co-Founder and Chief Disruptor at The Connection Effect – a collective of individuals creating a new synthesis of what it means to be in community with each other. She is committed to disrupting the old business paradigm where people are turned into faceless numbers and ‘lists’ and is outspoken on what it is to create real connectedness with others.

Naz has always cared deeply about humans and in making a difference – it’s why she joined the police force in 2001. But after 12 years of service she felt lost and powerless in the ‘system’ she found herself in so she decided to transform her role within and soon found herself presenting and training hundreds of high-level police officers in leadership and employee engagement. But still she found herself bumping up against the bureaucratic walls of possibility, so Naz decided it was time to take back her power and with her co-conspirator, Leah Hynes, launched The Connection Effect in 2013 and created an environment where together individuals could make a meaningful difference in the world and build communities that last.

A hard-hitting, certified NLP Master Practitioner and Associate Certified Meta Coach, experienced community engagement and leadership consultant, powerful group and teams facilitator and speaker, Naz is based in Sydney, Australia and loves nothing more than being near the ocean and at the beach.

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