“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

At the heart of making your unique impact in the world lies leadership. Now before you freak out and that little voice in your head screams something like ‘Yeah well, I’m not a leader!’ consider this:

Wherever you have some kind of influence, you have leadership.

Take a look right now at some of the areas of your life where you currently exercise influence. Maybe at work, in a community group, at home, on your sports team, with your finances, with your kids or perhaps in helping friends…

Now this is all very nice but now you might be asking “What about making an impact in an area that I am truly passionate about?”

It begs a powerful question: When you think about the area you are passionate about and the actions or steps you are taking – Would You Follow You? Or would you cringe at some of the things you are doing right now in the online world? Do things feel off?

How to Become The Leader You Would Follow:

  • Step 1: Start to create a detailed picture of the kind of leader you want to be – get creative with a mind map, model it, write down and see it in other people you admire.
  • Step 2: Ask yourself ‘Would I follow me?’ and make sure the answer is ‘Hell yes!’ (If not, go back to Step 1 and do a bit more thinking and brainstorming – it has to feel as close to authentically you as possible).
  • Step 3: Identify and note down where you have already been this kind of leader in your life (and if you can’t think of any, write down where you can start to be this kind of leader).
  • Step 4: Notice instances where you have abandoned this leadership style and rectify at least one of those areas/instances (e.g in your existing community, at work, at home, in a relationship, with your children, etc.). N.B. And what we mean by rectify is: 1) Admit to yourself and/or others that you haven’t been the kind leader you know you could be in that area 2) Acknowledge the impact on you and others 3) Outline specifically what you are going to put in place to rectify the situation (e.g. turn off email notifications to improve focus at work, get up 10mins earlier at home to tidy up, allocate specific family time and turn off or put on silence your cell when you’re with your spouse or kids, etc.).

The more you practice being a leader and exercising positive influence, the more you will start to believe that you really are a leader.

Because after all, transformation of mind, body or spirit rarely happens in your head. It happens out there in the real world.

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