Getting inspired is one thing, taking consistent action is quite another.

Free: Kickstart Your Hyper-Engaged Community

This 7-day short course is dedicated to lay the foundations for what it takes to create a hyper-engaged community that truly lasts.

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How To Create Your Hyper-Engaged Community

In this in-depth, hands-on course, take a deep dive into your community building efforts with Leah & Naz from The Connection Effect over eight interactive, self-paced modules. Here they will share their secrets and the specific ‘how to’ strategies of building a successful business and hyper-engaged community.

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World Changers Blueprint

This is for you if you are you tired of spending every day building a community that’s just not working for you. A 6 month immersion group coaching program where you will join forces with Leah and Naz and 11 other World Changers to accelerate your project or community building efforts to the next level.

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