Have you ever had that sense of frustration that things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like? Or that despite busting your gut day-in-day out that you are still not getting the results you had envisioned?

Maybe you are:

  • Wanting to make your unique impact in the world
  • Looking to leave your job and start something fresh
  • Thinking about moving cities or locations to make a new start
  • Working to pay off a long-time debt
  • Renovating your house
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Studying or doing a course outside of work
  • Saving money for something important.


Whatever it is, most of us will hit the ‘ebb’ in the process. That point where you think to yourself ‘I’ll never get there! This is too freaking hard!’

And then because we live in such a results-driven world, nobody takes time to appreciate the journey or process of getting to the destination. Because nobody values or acknowledges that you are in momentum, that you are making progress, that you are in the ‘thrash’ of it. That’s too boring. Most people just want to hear when you ‘made it’ or if you ‘failed’.


As many of you might know, we are both due to give birth to new little humans very soon (Naz in November and Leah in December) and although no-one can see inside of us, the past almost 9 months have been spent in the process of creating these little people.

But the most common question we get are things like:

  • How many weeks are you?
  • How long to go now?
  • When’s your due date?
  • What are you having? A boy or a girl?
  • Where are you birthing?


And you too might be experiencing the same kinds of questions (obviously not with being pregnant, unless you are of course! But with your particular goal). Imagine the difference if, instead of being asked about the outcome or results you were asked things like:

  • Wow! How are you making time in your busy life to dedicate to xyz?
  • What kinds of qualities have you noticed about yourself as you’ve pushed toward achieving xyz goal?
  • Why is the goal so important to you?
  • What steps are you having to take now to get there?
  • What are you enjoying most about the process of xyz?
  • How did you decide to go down that path?
  • What has been the most challenging thing along the way?


See how this is focused on the process, as opposed to the outcome? Notice the pressure drop away? Notice the self-judgment lessen? Notice how you can actually breathe!

And what if, instead of relying on others, you started to ask yourself these questions regularly. What if you actually gave yourself a break in realizing that what you are chasing is a big deal and takes time? What if you loosened the grip of expectation on yourself to get there faster?

This month we encourage you to do just that. Because at the end of the day, all we can really do is our best, and it’s enough.

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