At the 2016 World Domination Summit “How to Build a Hyper-Engaged Community” Academy.

This week at The Connection Effect, we are celebrating three incredible years since we began this wild ride! A huge thank you to each of you for saying ‘Hell yes!’ to the ride.

Recently we were on a video call with a potential coaching client. She shared with us how much she loathed her day job and had a dream of quitting and doing something that truly mattered and was in alignment with her values.

We listened patiently and with interest. But soon enough the excitement of the call changed as we said:

“You know, these kinds of changes usually take 3-5 years to really stick. Building a business from scratch takes incredible perseverance, determination and sacrifice. It’s certainly not all roses.”

We never heard from that potential client again.

You see, there are so many courses, websites, workshops, speakers out there who are selling this lie of overnight success. This bullsh*t sales pitch of ‘Follow your dreams and the rest will work itself out.’ ‘Live your passion and you can’t go wrong.’ ‘Find thousands of followers in 6 weeks and lie on an island for the rest of your life.’

It’s at epidemic proportions. It seems like every second person is someone who will help you find your passion, get empowered and live fulfilled. And of course it’s a nice hook for those who are feeling desperate, frustrated, alone and miserable.

But it’s not the truth of the matter and the thing that really kills us is that those people who get pulled into that quick fix funnel end up in a greater place of despair than they were before. You are left wondering ‘What the hell is wrong with me?! I followed all the steps and I’m still not making money or in a position to quit my job!

When we first took the plunge we were also sucked into thinking we’d have an epic business up and running in no time. I mean we are two intelligent successful women with endless drive and determination (plus we work bloody hard!). So it surely would just be a matter of months, right?


The truth for us over the past 3 years has been:

  • Leah and her husband living with her parents for 2 years (with a toddler), then in her mother-in-law’s basement for 8 months
  • For 2 years we weren’t in a position to pay ourselves and could only afford to pay our team members and business coach
  • To this day, we are far from replacing our old day job salaries
  • We still have money invested in the business that we are currently recouping
  • Many of our programs and events up until recently were only just breaking even (or sometimes making a loss).
  • Naz diving into her personal savings to fund the business
  • Often living week-to-week with a dwindling safety net.

Of course there are the people that do make it happen quickly, but in our opinion they are the exception, not the rule. And the ones who appear like an overnight success – well we bet if you dig a little deeper you’ll find they have actually been on the journey for some time.

And anyway, in our opinion there is no better way to learn than to be in the thick of actually learning as you go. We know many people who have MBA’s, which of course are a lovely thing to have in theory, but so many of them have done nothing with them. Over the past three years we couldn’t have paid for the experience and knowledge we have gained.

So now you might be thinking: ‘Well, why the heck bother with making a big change or creating a community that matters!’

Well it really depends on what you value and what’s most important to you. And for us, freedom, fun and aliveness are our top values and doing what we love allows us to experience those values on a day-to-day basis, so in many ways we have been well equipped to weather the above challenges:

  • We get to pick up our kids from school on time instead of late
  • We can organize our lives and make work fit around that (not the other way around)
  • We can have a daytime nap (so important right now with these babies growing!)
  • We adore the work we do and the people we work with
  • We can work from anywhere we like
  • We can be results and project focused, instead of being judged by time spent at work

But what makes it even more worthwhile for us (the cherry on the cake!) is when we see the ripple effect that our work is having on others with comments like:

“Just read Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie’s latest email and had to post this and say how truly grateful I am for these two. Although we’ve only spoken a couple of times (mostly by email) you have had such a massive impact on my life and my time in my new home (Sydney).”

“I am blown away by your honesty and openness of sharing! How much GOLD can you pack into one post?!?! You and Leah blow my mind in the way that you are constantly walking your talk.”

We get to do something that actually matters to others, and for us there is no greater gift.

So today we want to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to do this work and for making it matter. It matters because you all matter and you allow it to impact you. It matters because each of you is the pure expression of the work we do and the community we have together created.

And we keep going every single day because we know how hard it is, and we know that what we are building together matters. Because it is the people that you choose to surround yourself with that ultimately makes all the difference. We want a safe place for you to come so that you too can ultimately have your own success.

Because we simply cannot be successful unless you are.