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Leaders with Soul

A pleasure to join Kylie at Joining Hands Leaders with Soul and talk all things hyper-engaged community!

OCTOBER 2016 // Read More →


The Entrepreneur Way

We are privileged to be interviewed by Neil Ball and be featured on the The Entrepreneur Way podcast – a daily show dedicated to entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and small business owners. Leah and Naz talks about how getting a good network of people around you is feeding you positive energy.


SEPTEMBER 2016  //  Read More →



World Domination Summit 2016

Watch the video to hear Leah and Nazrin discuss the importance of finding a community of like minded people and how you can use three hacks to make the most out of your connections.

AUGUST 2016// Watch The Video Here →


Live Your Legend

Our transformation story was featured on the Live Your Legend blog: From Purposeless Police Officer and Public Relations Prisoner to Creating Meaningful Communities Worldwide.

AUGUST 2016  //  Read More →


The Creative Giant Show

Join us in this episode of The Creative Giant Show with Charlie Gilkey. Discover how we (Leah and Naz) met and began our creative partnership, our challenges along the way, the key element necessary for a successful partnership, and more.

JUNE 2016  //  Read More →


Different Hunger

Leah and Naz (with 75+ CEOs, millionaires & more) on A Different Hunger: What would you tell your twenty something self?

MAY 2016  //  Read More →


Small Business Society

When we feel like we belong, we are more likely to become the fullest expression of our greatest potential.”  

MAY 2016  //  Read More →


Work Alchemy

“Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie’s worlds collided in 2012. Their purpose is to help you create meaningful and sustainable communities that are hyper-engaged so that together you can make your mark on the world.”

EPISODE 31  //  Read More →


Live Your Legend

“In 2013 Leah and Naz also became members of the LYL team as our rockstar coaches for Live Off Your Passion and Connect With Anyone. Because of them, our members’ results have gone through the roof. I’m truly grateful for these two ladies!”

DECEMBER 2013  //  Read More →


Empowered Women Revolution

“After years of a ‘normal’ life, feeling frustrated, powerless and unfulfilled, Leah set out on a painful journey of self-discovery. She delved deep, faced down her darkest fears and emerged with the strength and determination to live a life with real meaning.”

JANUARY 2015  //  Read More →


The Opportunity Lens

“And all of their support and friendship (they have become some of my best friends and I love them dearly) has been THE biggest reason for my progress this past year.”

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Entrepreneur On Fire

Nazrin supports everyday people from all over the world to take the small steps to a more meaningful life. She helps you conquer your inner game and create extraordinary purpose-driven enterprises.”

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Second Half Comeback

Learn how after a combined 22 years of working unfulfilling jobs, they each individually started down the path of self transformation and their own Second Half Comeback’s.”

JULY 2014  //  Read More →


Loving Life Radio

“If it’s not fun, I don’t do it.” – Leah Hynes. Listen to Leah’s tips on loving life and creating your purpose-driven enterprise in this episode of Loving Life Radio with Deb King.”

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