Thailand Retreat

For Passionate Individuals Building Communities, Movements, Businesses Or Teams
October 26-29, 2017
Thailand Retreat
Feeling Overwhelmed?
Have you been building a community, movement, business or team but feel like you’ve plateaued in terms of its potential?
Are you frustrated that what you are creating is taking longer than you’d like? And do you refuse to resort to sleazy list-building strategies because it just doesn’t’ feel right?
Or perhaps you feel isolated and know that you need a community of like-minded peers to support you, challenge you to greater heights and hold you accountable to the big plans you have?


  • Are you feeling incredibly frustrated, unheard and more than a bit lost as you strive to make your ripple effect on the world?
  • Do you feel like you’ve got what it takes, like you’ve even seen some progress and success along the way, but still it feels like a major uphill battle?
  • Have you been burnt before? Maybe you even gave up on this whole ‘making an impact’ thing for a while…
  • Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels & busting your gut day-in and day-out while others seem to be making good progress and getting results from seemingly little effort?
  • Are you struggling to see the steps to make your mark on the world? Is the uncertainty starting to cripple you?

It’s actually totally understandable. We’ve been there too, and it sucks...

It’s actually not your fault.

But you see, it’s actually not your fault. Because you know, deep down, that you 100% have what it takes. You’ve just been missing a proven blueprint for success and solid support. Most people who are passionate about making an impact through community, purpose-driven businesses or high-performing teams don’t sustain action because they go that journey alone and expect it to happen overnight. Neither of those strategies or thinking are useful. And to make matters worse, they forget about cultivating the #1 most important aspect of impact making: community. And not just any community, a hyper-engaged community that supports you to make your greatest impact. Anyone can build a following, but very few know how to master the art of building a truly, deeply hyper-engaged community.

Because the truth is...

Without community, impact-making is an uphill battle. And without collaborators and a team of peers your speed of impact is slower (not to mention less fulfilling)…
It takes grit and determination to understand how to connect with others. It doesn’t happen overnight; it requires sustained effort and mentorship gained through community.
If you don’t have the right people in your corner, it’s near impossible, and understanding the currency of connection is the key to long-term success almost nobody is using.

So why does this matter?

It Matters Because...

Well it matters because we believe the success of any project, enterprise, business, change, impact or ripple effect is directly related to the level of connectedness you have with and within your community or following.

So if you’re ready to stop building a community that’s just not working for you then consider joining us at one of our intimate luxury retreats where we will provide you with:

#1 A proven blueprint for creating a hyper-engaged community that is sustainable – put simply, list-building doesn’t work, creating cohesive community does.

#2 Support and mentoring not just during the event, but before AND well after the experience – getting inspired is easy, taking consistent action is challenging so we refuse to leave you in the lurch, especially once the retreat ends.

#3 Access to like-minded people and potential collaborators – after all, a rising tide lifts all boats. Most online business programs, courses, retreats, and even coaches claim to provide the quick fix to making an impact, transforming your mindset and building communities overnight. Except very few actually deliver. Why? Because none of these approaches provide lasting impact (inside or out), nor do they create sustainable purpose-driven businesses.

You’re simply left feeling:

  • inspired after the event or course, only to be left on your own again, unsupported and even more resigned than before
  • like you’re not good enough because even after implementing all the ‘tool’s you still see no traction or progress
  • overwhelmed by all the strategies and advice and ‘shoulds’
  • Frustrated and disappointed that you spent your hard-earned cash for little lasting return
  • experienced the joy of doing life with other like-minded people, only to return to your day-to-day life working in a silo even more frustrated than before.

So how will this retreat or event be any different to what you’ve experienced so far?

Our retreats are more than just a 3 day event.

We run them as an immersion experience + ongoing support (6 month support before and after the event) + a blueprint to create your own hyper-engaged community. Not to mention direct access to deeply caring, high-achieving individuals & potential collaborators.

We have been told many times how crazy we are

for focusing on building a community slowly, with intention, and with the ‘right’ people inside it. But it’s the #1 reason why we now easily sustain a team of four, travel the world doing what we love, and have many hundreds of raving fans (not to mention friends for life).
Imagine what would be possible if you knew how to build a truly connected community? What if you were connected to a group of like-minded, passionate people who believe what you believe?
What if you got access to a blueprint for creating hyper-engaged connection amongst your followers? What if you were supported to get into action both before, during and well after the event?
And what if you got to be immersed in one of the most stunning natural environments in the world while being supported to do the work and make the connections you came for?

The results off all this would be that you would:

  • Get supported through the inevitable roadblocks that you confront as you seek to make your impact on the world.
  • Know how to stay on the path and never give up
  • Have found others who now have your back, believe in you, know your potential and gifts, and even find potential collaborators on your project or mission.

Where is the retreat being held?

Our next retreat is being held in the exotic location of Phuket, Thailand in South East Asia in a beachside luxury lodging and surrounded by beautiful islands. Perfect for connecting, unwinding, and making your impact!

Retreat Rebel

Register By September 1st, 2017
  • 2- 3 1/2 days* of immersion-style, hands-on transformational learning (depending on location and retreat)
  • 6 x monthly 60min group mentoring calls with your NLP Certified and Licensed coaches, Leah & Naz
  • A Blueprint that will guide your community building & that will cover topics including:
  • How to lead, influence & engage your community
  • How to reinvigorate your innate creativity & stand out in the crowd
  • How to unify hearts & minds in your community
  • Why you need to lead from the front, side & back
  • Creating a cohesive following
  • How to build leaders within
  • Amplifying unity & bonds for life.
  • Direct access to a small group of hand-selected, like-minded peers and potential collaborators
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Intensive group workshops, presentations, and mindset group coaching
  • Mini workshops led by experts in creativity, fitness, & community building.
  • Indoor/outdoor games & purposeful team fun.
  • Options for recharge activities including: meditation, yoga, fitness activities, and nourishing food (N.B. this is location dependent)
  • Luxurious lodgings in a stunning natural location so you can also unwind, relax and more easily soak in and retain all the important learnings and connections you make over the weekend.

Please note that this event is application & invitation only to ensure what we have to offer is the right fit for YOU and that the group of people we bring together will ‘jive’ with each other. (There is nothing more impactful than bringing together a bunch of inspired people who all essentially believe in the same thing. Anything less than that generally spells disaster!)

Apply Now →

Important: Our retreats are NOT for you if…

We know this event won’t be for everyone and to be respectful of you and the group we will not be inviting people who are seeking, an inspirational event where you have no willingness to take action, list building advice (as opposed to community building), a quick fix solution to increasing your income generation, to network with the intention of finding clients for your business, another boring seminar event and are not willing to laugh and have fun, for purely selfish reasons and genuinely have no interest in making a difference to others, To be firm in your own perceptions and are closed to new ideas and mindsets, No deeper connections with other participants and have no intention of keeping in touch with fellow retreat attendees after the event

“After attending the Retreat and being part of the The Connection Effect Community I can now take action and achieve small goals on the way to achieving larger ones. For me it has always been a challenge to be open with people I don’t know. Thank you for creating an environment where that barrier was lowered.”

Harry Lewis


“I have a high degree of trust with Naz and Leah, both personally and in their abilities to create breakthroughs with people. I gained a lot more confidence and a sense of purpose behind my recent venture into location independence. I loved just being part of the group interactions and experiencing transformations together.”

Kevin Hasset


“I trust Naz and Leah and what they offer to the world so when the offer came I simply said ‘I am there’. I didn’t need to know the details of what the retreat had to offer. The environment that was created by the participants and our gorgeous hosts with the assistance of nature and fabulous food. But most of all I feel free, unconstrained and chilled out.”

Melanie Baseden


Do You Have Any Questions?

If you’ve got a question, please reach out and ask. Check below as we may have answered your question already!


The following meals/snacks will be provided as part of your retreat ticket:

  • Thursday night party nibbles and a welcome, non-alcoholic drink
  • 3 x main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on Friday & Saturday
  • 2 x main meals (breakfast and lunch) on Sunday
  • fruit and light snacks available during morning tea and afternoon tea on Saturday
  • fruit and light snacks available during morning tea on Sunday.

N.B. The Retreat is an alcohol-free zone. However you are welcome to bring any of your own food and other non-alcoholic drinks to consume during your stay and we will happily provide storage/refrigeration for them.


Sadly, we have to say our goodbyes on Sunday at around 4pm.

** Note:We’re also hosting an unofficial ‘after party’ on the Sunday night, as the participants demand we host one lol! How could we refuse!?  If you want to be part of this option it is a ‘help yourself’ evening. The price hasn’t been set yet, but there will be an additional cost to stay another night.


It is the question we get asked all the time.  Our focus is not on making money.  Our focus is on making an impact and creating environments where people can really tap into and utilize all their potential.  We want our events to be accessible to as many people as possible – it’s not just the rich people who have big dreams in the world to fulfill.


No problemo! We’d love for you to experience the full end-to-end experience. But we also realize some of you may need to sneak in a bit late or leave a bit early. We will take care of you no matter what. If you know you’re arriving late or leaving early, though, please be sure to let us know, so that we can make sure you’re taken care of.


There are some rooms which are private and others that are shared. You will have your own bed. The cool part, you get to choose your own bed. Accommodation is being allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you book the sooner you get to choose.


A “say yes” attitude. A willingness to meet new people, try new things, grow, play and learn. You might also like to bring a notebook and pen ?

Oh… and a pool towel.


We are all about supporting our community.  If you are not already a member of the The Connection Effect community you will be offered a place to join in the fun.  In addition we facilitate intensive mastermind sessions.  You may find that you have so much fun and transformation that you want to continue hanging out with the people you meet.

Yes this is a full board event.  And you get to choose your own bed. Accommodation is being allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  The sooner you book the sooner you get to choose.


We believe 100% in the power of connection.  Before you arrive you will get access to your own private Facebook group where you will be able to connect.  In addition we will facilitate 3 x 1 hour online face-face calls with the entire group before you set foot on Thailand soil.

At the end of the experience, you will know…

How to lead, influence & engage your community

How to reinvigorate your innate creativity & stand out in the crowd

How to unify hearts & minds in your community

Why you need to lead from the front, side & back

The keys to creating a cohesive following

How to build leaders within

Strategies to amplify unity & bonds for life.

The Common Myths About Building An Engaged Community

How to step into your power.

How to balance body, mind & soul for the long-haul entrepreneurial journey

How to use your innate creativity to make serious progress toward your impact.

New connections and have generated possible collaborations with fellow participants.