Happy New Year The Connection Warriors!

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” – Hal Borland

2015 has been a combination of the highest of highs, as well as the lowest of lows.

It has been a year of incredible growth for Team RYPL, both personally and professionally. Building a global business from the ground up is certainly NOT for the faint-hearted. Throw kids and family demands into the mix, plus unexpectedly joining a second passion business, and it starts to get very interesting.

So as together we close the book on 2015, we spent a little time reflecting and recounting and in the main thinking to ourselves…”Sh*t, did we really do all that?!”.

Here’s a little recap from The Connection Effect Headquarters on 2015 plus we lift the lid on our 2016 Forward Plans:

2015 Highlights Reel

It’s so easy to focus on what you didn’t get done, what didn’t work out, and feel frustrated that you’re not further along in your journey. We can be just as guilty of that as anyone. But instead of thinking about your never ending ‘to do’ list, join us for a moment and create your own ‘I rocked it’ list from 2015:

  • What are you most proud of achieving in 2015?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What hard decisions did you make?
  • What comfort zones did you smash through?
  • What were your most fulfilling moments, memories or experiences?

 Some of the big things we are proud of in 2015:

  • We launched our craziest program to date – which many said we were insane for launching – a 10 month immersion experience – The World Changer’s Blueprint. We worked intensively with 12 individuals to launch world changing projects. They each achieved results that blew our minds like launching podcasts, publishing books, inspiring school kids, finding coaching clients, empowering introverted women across the globe and more. And even though it was like giving birth to 12 children all at once (ouch!), we survived, they survived, and it was beyond worth it to see the impact they are each now making. To say we are proud is an understatement.
  • We created and launched our first ever online course Find Your Fire – it just about killed us getting the last 1% of it across the line, but so worthwhile seeing the results some of you achieved! A steep learning curve to see what it takes to put together a quality course.
  • We started working on our second online course and virtual summit – How to Create a Hyper-Engaged Community and so far have had the privilege of interviewing some incredible, world-leading community builders including Pamela Slim, Nathan Chan, Jennifer Boykin, Joel Zaslofsky and more…
  • We took on a business coach – it was an incredible growth period for RYPL and meant we could really start to drill down our niche and offerings, as well as let go of the things that weren’t working for us. Plus we are simply amazed that one person could coach and mentor the two of us without going completely crazy!
  • We launched a podcast – Rock Your Purpose Live – again a steep learning curve and one we could not have managed without our amazing powerhouse team of women (a special thanks to Michelle!)
  • We flew to the United States from Australia 3 times in 4 months – we have travelled A LOT this past year both domestically and internationally. We both adore to travel and it has been interesting balancing these trips with having kids and families to juggle back home. We have become pretty travel savvy along the way too – figuring out frequent flyer points, taking carry-on luggage only (even on overseas trips), and learning to enjoy (almost) every moment of long haul flights and layovers.  
  • Naz flew to London and Paris and hosted in-person meetups with 50+ people
  • Naz hosted 6 RYPL meetups in Sydney, some even at her home.
  • We hosted our first ever meetup at World Domination Summit 2015 (in conjunction with Live Your Legend)
  • We hosted our first ever RYPL Rocks the USA road trip with meetups in Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York and got to meet up with approximately 40 RYPL Warriors along the way
  • Our dear friend Scott from Live Your Legend died suddenly at just 33 years of age climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and just weeks before we were due to see him and his wife, Chelsea, who were due to land in Australia in October.
  • We joined the Live Your Legend team – unexpectedly joining the LYL team in September this year has been one of the biggest honors we have ever experienced and it has also thrown up interesting challenges for us to balance our energy and bandwidth without getting burnt out. This is definitely a work in progress and a challenge we are 100% up for! It has also meant we get to really intensify our focus on what we offer you all here at RYPL and make sure it has the biggest impact possible.
  • We managed with great strength the ups and downs of family life, relationship challenges, and spent beautiful quality time with our kids watching them grow, celebrating birthdays, playing lego on the floor, and giving them plenty of squishy hugs.

So what does your list look like? I bet it’s even longer than you thought too! Whatever you are celebrating, know that we are proud of you no matter what you did, or didn’t get done this year. The point is: you showed up and gave it your best with the time and resources available.

Looking forward: RYPL in 2016

To say we are excited to see what 2016 holds would be an understatement! We are fortunate enough to now be able to drill down even more in terms of how we plan on serving the RYPL community as well as the Live Your Legend community.

The past three years building RYPL would be best described as ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks’ and now that we know what sticks, we are focusing on what we do best.

Here is a snapshot of what RYPL will look like in 2016:

1:1 Hands-on Intensive Coaching Program

We adore working with people who want to make an impact in the world and who don’t quite know how to accelerate that journey. We like to call that phase the ‘thrash’  the part where a lot of people give up, get disheartened and throw the towel in. In 2016 we are taking just 4 immersion coaching clients each and providing support on an epic scale.

RYPL Retreat Utah

In 2016 we plan on hosting two mind-blowing retreats – one in Utah, USA and one in SE Asia (location TBC). Our #1 intention with our intimate retreats is to provide you with a space for community, connection, and all-important collaborations. Plus we want to share with you our knowledge and experience of building hyper-engaged communities. Because anyone can build a following, but very few know how to master the art of building true and longer-lasting engagement. And that’s what we’re here to change people!

Launching How to Create a Hyper-Engaged Community Summit & Course

As we said above, if there is one thing we know how to do better than almost anyone else we know, it is to create a Hyper-Engaged Community.  In 2016 we will be hosting a summit and releasing an epic online course for those of you who have tried all the hype of list building and still don’t seem to be getting any traction. We spent the last part of 2015 interviewing some incredible, world-leading community building experts for you.

Live Your Legend

In 2016 we will be leaning on our strengths at Live Your Legend (LYL) too and helping to carry on Scott Dinsmore’s legacy – we will be at the forefront of creating hyper-engaged communities around the globe. Our role with LYL will involve community engagement, contributing epic content, and creating and managing in-person local communities around the world.

The Best of The Connection Effect in 2015

And finally, to wrap up this year, we wanted to share some of our favorite offerings from 2015 in case you missed them. This year we realised where we have the most fun: recording epic live content for you guys and gals:

With huge smiles, much love and immense gratitude, we wish you an epic 2016 Connection Warriors!
Leah, Naz, Charisse & Michelle xoxoxo