“Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears.” – The Optimist Revolution

Have you ever had that big dream of how you’d like life to be?

You toil and sweat and set your intentions for where you want to be and then almost magically everything starts to fall into place?

Maybe you started an incredible relationship, found the ‘perfect’ job, landed that amazing travel deal, earned a huge bonus, or won a race….

You start to feel a deep sense of happiness and joy. You might even remember asking yourself, “Can someone pinch me? Is this really real?”

But then something insidious starts to happen. You find yourself looking for everything that is wrong, everything that is missing and all the things that aren’t working and you forget to focus on that very thing that you’d dreamt about having all these years.

See, for many of us we have this deep seeded belief that we aren’t really worth it, perhaps we believe we aren’t good enough and not deserving of the life we really dreamt of having.

This week Naz experienced it for herself. The dreaded self sabotage!

“As I walked through the custom made timber double doors of my dream home up for sale, and into the sprawling kitchen looking out onto the rolling hills through the floor to ceiling windows, I thought to myself in disbelief, “Not me, no, not me, I couldn’t actually own something as beautiful as this.”

Just like you will hear in this week’s video, becoming the owner of a home like this for Naz would she have successfully achieved ‘everything’.  And although the home was completely in reach for her on paper, her brain kicked into overdrive as to all the reasons why she shouldn’t and couldn’t.

“The fear became huge and at first I started to sabotage all possibility of owning it.”

Join us now, as we share our experiences of self sabotage and tips on how you can effectively and quickly stop it.