“There’s nothing better than the warm embrace of belonging – that feeling you get when you’re a part of something you love or believe in.” – Brene Brown

Have you ever had that knowing feeling that you have more to give, more greatness to reveal and share with your community, your followers, your team, your business or connections…?

Only to feel like you’ve hit a ceiling in terms of how to release that greatness and take your impact making efforts to the next level? It can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve been working your behind off day-in and day-out, trying out all kinds of business or community building strategies and tools, and yet there seems to be some kind of invisible wall you can’t break through…

This past weekend we spent 2.5 days immersed with 14 incredible people at our Utah Retreat. They walked through the door as 14 individuals geared up to learn about community, collaboration and connecting. But they left as one deeply connected hyper-engaged peer community.

How do we know? Because:

  • they spontaneously collaborated
  • they noticed when someone was missing
  • they added value and contributed to each other
  • they listened deeply when someone spoke
  • they had fun together
  • and most exciting for us as the leaders, we became more and more invisible as the weekend went on and they took ownership of their group.

Why are we telling you all this? We promise it’s not to make you all jealous!

We share this because we have a huge problem today – most communities are highly polluted and their members don’t even know they are swimming in sewage:

  • They have little to no collaboration within
  • There is one leader and many followers
  • Leaders have zero regard for who they let into their community
  • There is minimal (if any) real, deep engagement
  • Intimate and safe spaces for members to connect are non-existent
  • Most have a desire to be heard and seen, but little interest in being there for someone else
  • The list goes on…

connection effect group2

You see, they are actually not communities at all, they are ‘lists’, they are a bunch of individuals pursuing individualistic causes and missions. And they provide no chance for greatness of the individual to emerge.

And that is simply not acceptable.

And with these kinds of facades for community and connection flooding the online (and offline) world, it’s clear to us that it’s time to create a new movement of what it is to create community. Because not only are human beings naturally wired to flourish in community, it’s the only place where we can experience our greatness being unmasked by taking the focus entirely off yourself and on to others.

Because when you look after everyone else, and you know everyone else has your back, you can relax. You can open. You can allow. You can let go. You can be creative. And you can truly start to witness your own magic.

We’d love to hear if you’ve experienced ‘polluted’ communities (without naming names) – what was ‘off’ about it, and what did you learn about that to take forward into your own impact making? Leave a reply and let us know!