“It’s not about the travel. It’s the personal journey.” – Travel Life Experiences

Ten years in the making.

A married couple from Canada spent 15+ years building successful careers and lives. Each year, they would maximize their bleak number of vacation days by taking a month-long trip to gain a deeper, more meaningful travel experience. In their 40’s; they had comfortable, safe and predictable lives. Yet there was a deep yearning to move away from what was expected of them, toward a dream that was calling.

Hear how Troy and Dorene, from Travel Life Experiences, have created a life where experiences define them, not a company or job title. As well as how they sold everything they owned: the house, car, furniture, and all of their possessions in 12 months and why their stuff was just “things” that did not matter anymore. What mattered was their travel life experiences to come.

How did they do it? Find out how in this eye-opening interview with Leah during their stopover in Sydney, Australia, where they share with you how meaningful travel experiences can transform your life and the lives of others.

And if you want goosebumps, you simply MUST check out their incredibly moving video of a Buddhist Novitiation Ceremony in Myanmar.

3:00 From safe and predictable jobs to realizing a 10-year dream

4:00 How career defined Dorene’s sense of self

5:30 How travel has always changed them personally

6:13 Dorene’s ‘ah ha’ moment that woke her up

7:20 From awareness to the first steps in realising their dream of traveling full-time

8:20 Doing the math and planning to take the plunge

9:00 How community fostered ideas for their business

10:00 When confidence came online that they could actually succeed

11:00 Getting on the same page to share with others

12:00 Getting over the imposter syndrome and getting uncomfortable

13:20 Why Troy was surprised by the reaction of family and friends

14:25 The resistance within and generating self-confidence

15:30 Having confidence and building a plan against it

16:40 Giving themselves one year to make it a reality

17:00 The way they accelerated their journey

17:30 The moment Troy’s self-doubt hit