“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev

Have you ever had an important decision to make?

Maybe you were trying to decide:

– whether to leave your current job

– end a relationship

– buy a house

– take a trip somewhere exotic

– move cities…

Maybe you weighed up the pros and cons of each side of the possible decision outcome, asked others for advice, asked the universe, meditated on it…

How torturous was that period during the time of weighing up the options?

You see, generally speaking, we think the pain we are feeling is the fear of a future state or circumstance or the fear of leaving behind what we know or perhaps what the new future could bring or not bring….

While valid, none of these thoughts, these fantasies are actually causing you pain.

The real pain is the indecision itself. The ‘no man’s land’ state of being, and lack of commitment to anything (except your indecision!).

Because once you make the call, whether it’s right or wrong, that pain actually vanishes – have you noticed that? That sense of relief? And while it can still be scary as you make your way on your path again, you are in action and out of the ‘muck’ of your head, your thoughts, and your feelings.

The worst decision is indecision.

So it begs the question, how do you make a decision when you are stuck in the muck?

  1. You rip the bandaid (i.e. make the decision)
  2. You stick to your guns (quit second-guessing yourself & asking for advice)
  3. Take the next baby step forward
  4. Remember that time normalizes almost everything (others might need to adjust, but generally speaking time helps to steady the waves you just made).

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Four weeks ago we made a big decision and we made it quickly and now comes the fun part to let you all know!

Over the past 18 months we have been getting more and more questions about how we’ve created our community and thriving business with such a small list and during that time it’s become clear to us that RYPL is no longer just about rocking one’s purpose.

It’s become more about connection and community building than ever before. Because without community, without a deep sense of belonging, you simply cannot make your ripple effect or fulfil your highest potential anyway!

And so with that we wanted to announce that we have (after many months of searching) found ourselves a new name:

The Connection Effect. 


What does this mean?

Essentially not a huge amount will change for our community, our mission, or even in terms of our offerings to you guys.

In fact, more than ever before we are focussed on creating ripples together across the world through hyper-engaged community.

What’s ahead for 2016?

Yikes! We are excited for this year and beyond and here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up…

  • The RYPL Retreat Utah experience will power ahead and will continue to be run annually as an immersion experience with 6 months of mentoring support around the 2.5 day in-person event
  • We will host another kick-arse World Changer’s Blueprint this year (eek so excited!!) kicking off in June over 6 months (watch this space!)
  • Our RYPL vlogs will transition to a Blab format every two weeks so that you can all join with us LIVE
  • We will communicate in this newsletter format monthly with special members only updates and announcements
  • We will be writing a book on connection and hyper-engaged community building
  • Our website will be getting a sexy makeover
  • Our podcasting will continue
  • We will continue to provide epic content focussed on personal development over at Live Your Legend

So given that, what big (or small) decisions do you need to make to take the best step for you on your journey?

And let us know what you think about the new name – we are so excited to serve you guys and gals more powerfully than ever before!