“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.” – Dan Stevens

For the past several months we have been freaking out.

There is a big event we have been invited to speak at – a 3-hour workshop – and what seemed like a good idea at the time committing to, now as the date looms closer and closer, seems like the worst idea we’ve ever had!

‘What were we thinking?!’

‘Maybe since we’re both pregnant the doctors will say we can’t fly and will have to cancel the whole thing…’

‘What if we don’t knock their socks off?! What if we aren’t ready for this next level?!’

‘This was such a bad idea.’

And if we had have seen a ‘doctor’ about these symptoms it would have been diagnosed as a clear case of ‘levelling up’.


Well, have you ever become really good at something to the point you can do it with your eyes closed? Maybe it’s your day job where you are a marketing manager leading a team – and from the safety of your office the job is a total breeze.

But then one of the executives asks you to attend a national company conference and present a 45min presentation to 300 people on marketing – because you are so awesome at it after all! But you are completely terrified of public speaking and so the freak out begins….

You just got asked to ‘level up’.

Symptoms of levelling up include:

  • generally freaking out
  • obsessing over the looming event
  • being in denial about the event
  • feeling regretful for saying yes
  • heart racing & feeling sick in the stomach
  • procrastination
  • mental chatter that tries to convince you staying comfortable is much better & that levelling up is not necessary

We can basically tick all of these boxes!

So as you can see, when faced with levelling up, your comfort zone comes under attack and you do everything possible to defend your comfortable territory. Sound familiar?

So why on earth would anyone want to level up in the first place when it is so damn uncomfortable?

It’s a good question! Why do we put ourselves through all this agony?!

We both remember playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo when we were younger, and the thrill of helping Mario reach the next level. And each time things got more tricky for Mario, our stress (or excitement) elevated, there were more ‘baddies’ to throw bricks at, more gold coins to get and guess what the reward was for getting through that level?

The next level!

And the reason this is so thrilling (in real life and in Super Mario Brothers) is because:

  • you break through limiting beliefs about your ability
  • you express your true potential
  • you find new ways of succeeding
  • you learn what worked/what didn’t work
  • you create living proof that you can do something scary
  • you experience true fulfillment
  • you learn more about yourself
  • you experience a part of life that is new

And after all, you also get to save the Princess Toadstool! C’mon! What more incentive does one need? (Princess Toadstool = Your Best Life).

So, we invite you to join us and put down your defenses. Bring acceptance to your symptoms, and get to work planning, preparing, practicing, and trusting that no matter what, you will do your very best.

This is exactly where you are meant to be.

There is sadly no cure for levelling up, other than…levelling up. Because once you’ve faced it, only then can the symptoms disappear (until you level up again!).
So if you’re currently levelling up, join us as we embrace a state of freaking out. And if you haven’t levelled up for a while you might like to ask yourself why not? The Princess Toadstool isn’t going to save herself people! And nor is your best life. It’s up to you to go after it.