World Changers Blueprint

Join 12 game changers and 2 highly-experienced mentors for 6-months of hands-on support to accelerate your impact in the world.

Are you tired of spending every day building a community that’s just not working for you? Are you frustrated that no-one seems to see, hear or truly get behind your message?


  • Are you feeling incredibly frustrated, unheard and more than a bit lost as you strive to make your ripple effect on the world?
  • Do you feel like you’ve got what it takes, like you’ve even seen some progress and success along the way, but still it feels like a major uphill battle?
  • Have you been burnt before? Maybe you even gave up on this whole ‘making an impact’ thing for a while…
  • Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels & busting your gut day-in and day-out while others seem to be making good progress and getting results from seemingly little effort?
  • Are you struggling to see the steps to make your mark on the world? Is the uncertainty starting to cripple you?

It’s actually totally understandable. We’ve been there too, and it sucks.

But you see, it’s actually not your fault. Because you know, deep down, that you 100% have what it takes. You’ve just been missing a proven blueprint for success and solid support.

Most people who are passionate about making their impact on the world don’t sustain action because they go through that journey alone and expect it to happen overnight. Neither of those strategies or thinking is useful. And to make matters worse, they forget about cultivating the #1 most important aspect of impact making: community. And not just any community, a hyper-engaged community that supports you to make your ripple effect. Anyone can build a following, but very few know how to master the art of building a truly, deeply hyper-engaged community.


  • without community, impact-making is an uphill battle
  • without collaborators and a team of peers your speed of impact is slower (not to mention less fulfilling)
  • it takes grit and determination to understand how to connect with others
  • it doesn’t happen overnight; it requires sustained effort and mentorship
  • if you don’t have the right people in your corner, it’s near impossible, and
  • understanding the currency of connection is the key to long-term success almost nobody is using.

So why does this matter?

Well it matters because we believe the success of any project, enterprise, business, change, impact or ripple effect is directly related to the level of connectedness you have with and within your community or following.

So if you’re ready to stop building a community that’s just not working for you then consider joining us and 12 highly-driven and like-minded impact makers where we will provide you:

#1 A proven blueprint for creating a hyper-engaged community that is sustainable – put simply, list-building doesn’t work, creating cohesion in community does.

#2 Support, mentoring & coaching from 2 x Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Licensed and Certified Meta-Coaches – because getting inspired is easy, taking consistent action & smashing through roadblocks is challenging.

#3 Access to like-minded people and potential collaborators – after all, a rising tide lifts all boats.


There’s a community of people who feel just like you, ready to create their impact right alongside you.

A program for people who want to be connected to a community of world changers who contribute, challenge, and push each other to reach their potential.

“It made believe in that fact that I can do this, that everything is possible. Before I was like, “Can I even do this?” That was just a huge mindset for me. As far as the results goes, from that idea that it’s not gonna work to now all of a sudden I have a full calendar of coaching clients.”

Mike Goncalves

The Wellness Bucket

“They cheerleaded me to tell me how brave I was and supported me on my journey. They help me realize what my next steps were that I needed to take. Leah & Naz gave me the confidence to believe in my projects.”

Cathy Broadwell

Loving Without Boundaries

“Being part of the program gave me room to brainstorm and come up with new ideas, including how to successfully raise funds to support 120 Kenyan children. I am one step closer to living my dream and starting my own not-for-profit. This program is worth every cent and more.”

Joe Brachocki

The Opportunity Lens


It’s a 6-month immersion program that’ll take guts and drive, and will enable you to impact the lives of countless people – as you play big and release your impact into the world.

The program’s divided into 3 segments, each consisting of:

Creating a Roadmap and Clearing Away Doubts
You won’t be able to change the world if you don’t believe you can. We’ll help you conquer whatever’s holding you back and master your mindset. Then, we’ll help you put a roadmap in place for the remaining months of the course.

Clarifying & building you real world project, including your products/services to make your impact
It’s time to make your impact and refine the product or service you’re going to bring to the world in order to change the world. Basically, we’ll help you get massive shit done while pushing your comfort zone.

Getting your message and project out there
With clarity, belief and kick-ass world changing product/service in tow, it’s time to make sure people know about it (and have the opportunity to be served by it!) It’s in this final segment, we (and your mastermind team) help you shout it from the rooftops.

“The World Changers Blueprint is testament for the great work these ladies do. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the community for the last year and I assure you Leah and Naz are the real deal. My new business would never have come this far without their support – and advice on how they are nurture their own community. Love this post as its valuable for anyone – frankly it’s just good business practice – great for anyone marketing a brand – their own personal brand or another brand they represent.”

Troy Young and Dorene Wharton 

Travel Life Experiences

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Who Are We and Why Are We Right For You?

We’re 2 deeply caring, extremely fun, slightly weird, and kinda crazy world-changers who were once exactly where you are.

We followed the traditional path: we were good children, high-achievers at school, got the well-paying jobs, the husbands, the children, and the mortgages for the houses with the white picket fences.  You know the deal.

We checked off everything on the to-do list for a perfect life. But we didn’t find happiness. Instead, there was a deep sense of loss and confusion. We’d been slowly dying for years yet couldn’t find the courage to do what was needed to live the life we were meant to live. We realized it didn’t have to be that way and we’ve been making different choices ever since…

  • We left our jobs to discover our own, unique missions and created The Connection Effect – a community driven to put the human back into connection.
  • We’ve learned how to overcome the thoughts holding us back to play bigger and make our impact – and we want to help you do the same.
  • We’ve undergone years of training to become certified, kick-ass facilitators and licensed Coaches ready to take you from existing to living.
  • We’re constantly pushing our boundaries and going deeper into our development so we can help you do the same (a coach can only take a client to the depths of transformation they’ve experienced themselves.)
  • We will hold you to a higher standard. We’ll see through your bullshit before you even realize you’re bullshitting. And we’ll compassionately challenge you to release your light and potential into the world.
  • We’re fun. There will be a lot of hard work. We will be mentors, coaches & friends – the type you want, the ones to share the truth in service of you and your growth.  Because finally creating your impact should be fun!
  • We’re only serving a small number of people (12 to be exact) with this immersion program. We’re not serving the masses to maximize profit. We’re maximising your impact by maximising our support and availability.  There will be no watering down here!
  • We care. We really damn well care – so much that it keeps us up at night.

We’re ready to guide you through each step of your journey, helping you:

  • Realize the powerful, capable, and courageous leader inside you.
  • Believe in yourself and your project (we’ll believe in both wholeheartedly until you do).
  • Change the world and lives of others in the unique way only you can (the way you’ve been dreaming of).

Bottom line: We’ll help you realise your world changing impact with a proven blueprint that works.

You’ll be living a different life:

  • Playing bigger than you ever thought possible
  • Have impacted 100’s of lives in an incredibly positive way
  • Be living fully alive, fulfilled and free
  • Having life-long connections that will support you way beyond this immersion program.

How? Through kick-ass, intensive support.

  • Realize the powerful, capable, and courageous leader inside you.
  • Believe in yourself and your project (we’ll believe in both wholeheartedly until you do).
  • Change the world and lives of others in the unique way only you can (the way you’ve been dreaming of).

What’s Included?

1 x 2hr live group mentoring calls every second week

Every second week we will host a LIVE mentoring call with you and your team. During these calls, we’ll share expert knowledge, present content relevant to moving your project forward, and challenge you to greater heights. They’ll be interactive and guided.  It’ll be your opportunity to ask questions and get further clarity to ensure you are continually moving forward.

6 person Mastermind group of highly driven world changers

You’ll be placed into a Mastermind team with 6 other hand-picked world changers. As individuals, you already achieve amazing things. As a collective, you’ll be unstoppable.

Hand-picked ‘Power Partner’ for the journey

You’ll build a deep bond with 1 other hand-picked aspiring world changer and hold each other accountable as you go through your journey together. You’ll also play a significant role in your buddy’s impact just by being part of this team, expanding your impact even further. Exciting!

Hot seat access every 6 weeks

Imagine having an entire team working on your project every 6 weeks!? And not just during a 1hr allocated portion of your mastermind call, but for the entire two weeks? Each participant will get a turn in the ‘hot seat every 6 weeks to ensure that you get exactly what YOU need to accelerate your project.

Access to experts, mentors & graduate World Changers

During the program, we’ll be inviting experts and guests who’ve already created their impact to share their knowledge, experience, and lessons – strategies that all world changer need to have on board.

World Changer’s Blueprint Private Facebook Group

A safe place to share difficult challenges and exciting successes. Here, you’ll have daily access to your Mastermind Team and us. It’ll be a place to get quick feedback about your project. We’ll also be available to you via email in-between live coaching & mentoring and will always respond to you within 24 hours.

Resources, worksheets & materials

We’ve designed exercises that’ll keep you in action and moving toward your goal throughout the program. This is where that strong work ethic of yours will come in (as well as the support you’ll receive from us and your mastermind team).

Unique perspectives

Let’s face it, world changers like you are hard to come by. You’ll have 13 sets of world changing eyes, including ours, looking at your project with excitement, interest, and a fresh perspective – ready to give feedback whenever needed. Priceless really!

Our 100% Money Back Refund Policy 

We believe that all the risk should be on our shoulders so we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If within 90 days of purchasing the course you don’t see real, lasting, exciting change in your community and achieve progress toward hyper-engagement, we insist that you email us and request a refund. We believe so strongly in what we have to offer here at The Connection Effect that we will  reimburse the cost of the program. In order for a refund to be processed you will be required to:

Advise us of your intent to cancel within 90 days of purchase

Participate fully in all parts of the program, complete all worksheets & submit us copies of your work

Attend a one-on-one meeting with Leah or Naz to ensure we can learn from what didn’t work for you.

If you put in the work and participate fully (i.e. demonstrate you have taken action in your life & community), we are 100% confident you WILL create a hyper-engagement within your community. We have seen our programs and coaching transform thousands of individuals and believe in our own unique contribution to the world fully. We are completely comfortable shouldering all the risk so that you don’t have to worry and can fully focus on you and your community.

Previous Projects We’ve Been Involved With

Ashley Manuel

Growing with Gratitude

A primary school teacher, Ash from Adelaide, Australia launched a program called Growing with Gratitude.

After personally experiencing the benefits of a daily gratitude practice, he’s built a program that teaches five habits of happiness through a series of fun, interactive workshops and short daily activities, which can be completed by children in every primary year level alongside their teachers or at home with their parents.

Ash is in the process of rolling out a statewide program for teachers in primary/elementary schools to implement this program as the cornerstone of their wellbeing program

DG Gregory

Second Half Comeback

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” is DG Gregory’s catch-cry.

A firefighter in Denver, Colorado, DG spent the first half of his life learning what didn’t work and believed it was time for him to harness these lessons, make changes, and take focused action until he was living the life he was meant to live.

Second Half Comeback is a place where he inspires others to do that same by interviewing ordinary, everyday people who are redesigning the second half of their lives to finally create an extraordinary world for themselves and their families.

Mike Goncalves

The Wellness Bucket

Mike wasn’t given many chances in his life and didn’t have many people to believe in him, support him, or encourage him.

He created The Wellness Bucket to help others believe in themselves and in others. To believe in all that is possible, so that they can begin to live a happier, healthier life.

Mike believes you don’t need permission from others or someone else to give you a chance at health & happiness & his personal mission and commitment is to make a positive difference in the lives of people throughout the world by helping them feel their best, look their best, and live their best.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you’ve got a question, please reach out and ask. Check below as we may have answered your question already!

When does The World Changer’s Blueprint start and end?

This is a six month experience, divided into 3 x 2-month segments. We will kick off in late May/early June 2016 and complete in November 2016 (exact dates coming soon). At the end of each 2-month segment, you will have a short break to let it all sink in. During this time we are still available for email support and your team will be available to you via the Facebook Group.

What will a typical week look like during this program?

Your typical week in this world changing program will involve coursework specific to your project, a mentoring call every two weeks, interaction in the private Facebook Group, touching base with your accountability ‘Power Partner’, and having a tonne of fun along the way!

What if I decide that this program is not for me, can I get a refund?

We believe that all the risk should be on our shoulders (and then some) so we offer a “100% Your Money Back” Guarantee.

If within 90 days of joining our program you don’t see real, lasting, exciting change in your life and achieve progress on your world changing project…we insist that you email us and request a refund. But not just any refund.

We believe so strongly in what we have to offer here at The Connection Effect that we will not only reimburse the cost of the program, we will compensate you for the time invested by doubling your money back.

In order for a refund to be processed you will be required to:

  • Advise us of your intent to cancel within 90 days of the program commencing
  • Participate fully in all parts of the program, complete and submit all of the available course work
  • Attend all scheduled and included coaching calls (and be engaged in the coaching conversations)
  • Attend a one-on-one meeting with Leah or Naz to ensure we can learn from what didn’t work for you.
  • If you put in the work and participate fully, we are 100% confident you WILL make your unique impact on the world. We have seen our programs and coaching transform thousands of individuals and believe in our own unique contribution to the world fully. We are completely comfortable shouldering all the risk so that you don’t have to worry and can fully focus on your world changing project, because the most important thing to us is you actually create your powerful difference in the world.

What happens if I’d like a one-on-one coaching call?

Although 1:1 coaching is not included in the World Changer’s Blueprint, if at any stage you feel you’d like a 1 hour coaching session with Leah or Naz just send us an email to organize. Our 1:1 coaching rate is $350USD/session. We will coach you on anything holding you back and ensure that you are on track. These calls will be recorded and for your eyes only.

What is involved in coaching? Should I prepare anything or be concerned?

Coaching is a very different conversation and can sometimes be uncomfortable. We will always ask your permission before diving into a coaching conversation. There is nothing that you need to prepare and the more open you are to the coaching, the more likely you will see some powerful shifts in what is possible for your life. Our coaching always comes from a place of love and care for our participants.

How do I secure my spot?

To secure one of the 12 spots, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Do you have a payment plan?

We are offering a month-by-month payment plan option for this program.

How much time does the World Changer’s Blueprint take?

We recommend you allocate approximately 2-3 hrs a week to the course content and your project (plus 2hrs every two weeks for your group mentoring call per week). You’ll have lifetime access to the materials, so if life gets busy, then we can catch you up as much as possible during your group coaching call.

I am stretched for time; will this course help me manage other demands in my life?

Yes. Wherever you are currently challenged in life usually shows up in more than one place. We will share with you ways to bring focus and clarity to what’s most important to you. In saying that, it will take a solid commitment from you to be on all of your coaching calls and mentoring calls to ensure you get the full experience of the program.

How can I easily interact with other people in the course and community?

Part of your course includes access to a private Facebook group. Here you can meet your fellow world changing participants, share ideas, ask for feedback, and support others. We will also encourage you to share your email addresses so that you can support other individuals or email the whole team if you need to.

What is involved in the group mentoring calls?

Your mentoring call is scheduled every second week.  Each of the mentoring calls goes for 2 hours. The first call is an introduction call where you will meet you teammates and your coaches, Leah & Naz. We will share with you what to expect for the course and how the calls will flow. Each person in your team will be asked to introduce themselves and share why they joined the course and what they are working on. This is a super fun and exciting call that sets the stage for what’s possible for the program. All future calls dive straight into group mentoring and might involve an interactive presentation from Leah & Naz, guest speakers, or hot seats, with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

What if I’m unhappy with my accountability partner?

We take a huge amount of care and pride in placing our hand-picked accountability partnering. We have experience in matching thousands of people in groups and teams and will match you based on your interests, ambitions, and, of course, time zones. If you are for any reason unhappy with your accountability partner please let us know by week 2 so that we can consider re-placing you. However keep in mind that it can take at least a couple of weeks to bond with your partner.

What process did you use to pick this group of world changers?

This process is one of the most powerful parts of our course. We looked for individuals that have drive, determination, and conviction about their project. This is not a program for everyone. It’s not about making a quick buck, it’s for people who really care about making their impact. A lot of participants are already known to us and we have worked with in the past, however for individuals we haven’t directly worked with, we go to great lengths to ensure they have the same beliefs as The Connection Effect community and have in some way contributed in the past. We also have a thorough application questionnaire that we ask our participants complete.

What process do you use to place me with my accountability partner?

Upon sign up, we ask you to complete a comprehensive survey so that we can get a clear picture of where you are at in your journey, what you want to achieve, and what your specific interest areas are. Then we look at your time zone and match as best we can to your availability.

Are any of the calls recorded?

Yes. All sessions are recorded (including mentoring calls, one-on-one coaching) and the recordings will be distributed to all participants after the call is finished.

What if I can’t make a group mentoring call?

The group mentoring calls are a great chance to connect with the wider team and to get additional support and advice. We strongly advise you to make every effort to attend, however if for some reason you cannot make the call, we record each session and you will received a link to that recording.

I’m not so technically minded – can I still participate?

Yes. We will assist you, as best we can, to make sure any technical issues are ironed out before we dive into coaching calls.

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